AlpineReach 20 Pack Pot Feet Hexagons & Adhesive Pads

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AlpineReach Pot Feet Hexagons Protect Healthy Plants Relieves Drainage Prevents Patio Stains

AlpineReach Pot Feet Hexagons - Planter Pot Lifters/Risers

AlpineReach Pot Feet Hexagons offer superior structural stability to elevate your planter pots. The elevation prevents surface stains on your patio floor. Let your plants benefit with an increased height from parasites and improved drainage. Our weather resistant heavy duty rubber is strong and resistant to compression. We use high quality rubber which is custom molded to withstand heavy planter pots. Simply place 4 hexagons under each pot. Not suitable for vinyl surfaces. Choose AlpineReach for high quality products.

The Ideal Pot Feet

• Simple to use

• Great Stability from Hexagons

• Relieves Pot Drainage

• Prevents Patio Surface Stains

• Keeps Plants Healthy - Against Plant Rot

• Heavy Duty and Durable

• No Pot Skidding

• Assists Cleaning


AlpineReach Pot Feet Hexagons Healthy Plants

AlpineReach Pot Feet Hexagons Simply Place Under Pots

AlpineReach Pot Feet Hexagons Weather Resistant

  • KEEP YOUR PLANT POTS SAFELY ELEVATED - Our Pot Feet Hexagons offer great stability with 6 points of solid balance and a studded bottom for extra grip to prevent pot skidding. Our Hexagon design makes it suitable for Small Medium and Large planter pots of any shape from terra cotta to porcelain to ceramic and others
  • RELIEVES DRAINAGE FOR HEALTHY PLANTS - The air gap beneath the pot ensures your plants absorb the correct amount of water and prevents plant rot. Easy and simple to use, it is suitable to be used for indoor and outdoor applications. The extra height allows easy cleaning of soil buildup underneath your planter pots
  • PREVENT SURFACE STAINS - It is important for the planter water to drain in order to maintain beautiful patios. Pooled water causes mold or mineral residue stains on your beloved patio floors. Our Hexagon Pot Feet are especially suited to provide substantial ventilation and drainage
  • HEAVY DUTY & DURABLE POT FEET - Made to be Weather Resistant and Compression Resistant, AlpineReach High Quality custom molded Hexagon Pot Feet are precision cut according to Dimensions: Width 2 1/4 Inch x Height 3/4 Inch. It is possible to discreetly place under pots to be invisible
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE – AlpineReach products go through a rigorous design and testing process so our customers receive top products with top customer service